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Vita Wise Probiotics For Women

No more painful UTI, Yeast Infections & Embarring Bacteria Vaginosis, Promote regularity

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Little Gems That Help You Win The Battle Against UTI’s & Yeast Infections. Nothing matches the terrible feeling you get when you see the first signs of a UTI infection.The strong urge to go to the washroom, the burning sensation when you urinate & the cloudy discharge is all enough to ruin one’s day.But don’t worry, it’s not something permanent & a problem we can help fix.Our 10 BILLION CFU probiotic is an effective solution to stopping any nasty yeast infection or UTI in its tracks. Don’t Let BV Ruin Your Love Life. The struggle with BV could be a lifelong endeavor. The imbalance of vaginal bacteria causes all types of symptoms like bad odor & consistent pain.The annoyance & issues can follow you into the bedroom causing a potential rift in intimacy. But have no fear, here at Lady Gee's Glam we’ve got you covered. Vita Wise Probiotic pills are formulated to restore the delicate ecosystem of your vagina to its original state.Our slow-release capsules harbor bacteria that are amazing at getting the pH back to what it was, eliminating all discomfort from your life.Stop trying all the whacky home remedies & take one of our pills per day to see fast results.Escape The Painful Effects of Bloating & Bad DigestionThe second you get that full & tight feeling in your stomach you know you're bloated. At first, it might seem harmless, but slowly it starts to get dangerous with unpleasant side effects like fevers, vomiting & even bloody diarrhea.Who's the culprit? An unhealthy gut which leads to constipation & IBS clogging up your food delivery system.Our probiotics easily boost your gut health. Each capsule fends off stomach acids making sure the good bacteria can get to work, healing your gut. Say goodbye to feeling bloated all the time & marvel at how heal

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Lady Gees' Glam, Nairobi, Kenya

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