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Cleaning Routine!

Wear Breathable Clothing!!


pH Balanced, Gynecologist & Dermatoogist testes Products
A Lady In Comfortable Clothing
Safe Intimacy Routine

Summer's Eve & vagisil Line of Products Are specifically and specially made to cater for Vaginal needs..They are gentle enough for every day use and are made from naturally occurring Botanical extracts..

  • pH-balanced

  • Dermatologist- and gynecologist-tested

  • Gentle sensitive-skin formula

  • Helps cleanse away odor-causing bacteria from the vaginal area

Available in:

  • 9 oz. and 15 oz. Simply Sensitive

  • 9 oz. and 15 oz. Delicate Blossom®

  • 9 oz. and 15 oz. Morning Paradise®

  • 9 oz. and 15 oz. Island Splash

Tight pants, shorts, or panties made from synthetic fabrics can reduce the air circulation around your vagina and cause it to sweat, which can increase your chances for odors and infection.

  • Wear loose panties that allow for air circulation or that are made from a natural, breathable fabric such as cotton.

  • Wear thigh-highs, or pantyhose made with a cotton crotch to reduce the vaginal sweating caused by nylon and other synthetic fabrics.

  • Remove wet, sweaty bottom clothing as soon as possible. Wet or sweaty panties and pants can cause bacteria to multiply and increase your likelihood for getting odors and infections.

  • Take a shower and wear fresh, clean clothing after you have gone swimming or performed exercise

Wash your vaginal area after sexual intercourse. Bodily fluids and residue from condoms and other intimate products can cause infection, irritation, and odors if not removed from your vaginal region following intercourse.

Wipe your genital area thoroughly after urination. This will help keep your vaginal area dry and clean throughout the day.

  • Use soft, white, unscented toilet paper that does not contain dyes or other irritating chemicals.

  • Wipe yourself from front to back after experiencing a bowel movement to prevent fecal matter from coming into contact with your vagina, which can cause a bacterial infection.

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